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What do we do!
You are already too busy with the daily grind as a business owner, what you need is an accountant who’s prompt and reliable and can set you ready for the next step by making use of clear and business-focused language without paperwork faff, in other words, we do online accounting

A company Year-End is the date your company’s accounting period ends.
It’s also the date the clock starts ticking for a limited company to send certain documents to HMRC and Companies House.

What happens if I miss the deadlines?
To encourage limited companies to file everything on time, HMRC and Companies House have penalty regimes for those who miss deadlines.
These penalties increase with time, so, if you miss deadlines on more than one occasion, you can expect it to cost you dearly, as shown below.

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Your financial information is to be processed online in compliance with GDPR/EU.
For example, you can share your bank statements via email with your accountant to walk through them.

iXBRL accounts and tax returns are prepared as per Companies House and HMRC’s requirements.

You get to review and sign off on every step. We don’t submit your accounts before having your approval.

Once you approve the accounts, we submit your company accounts & tax return to the authorities and share the proof of submission for your record.

Se vår prislista för tjänster

  1. Company Accounts and Tax Return (bokslut)
  2. Dormant Company Accounts (vilande bolag)
  3. Self Assessment (SA100) (löner osv.)
  4. VAT Value Added Tax (momsregistrering i UK)
  5. Monthly Management Accounts (löpande bokföring)

Höga böter till HMRC, vid försenad deklaration, se bötesbelopp!

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